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"To the Other Side" (2008) - Simon Giles

This work reflects on time, transition and mortality. Here the iconic hourglass is reduced to a geometrically pure form suspended inside a solid cube, which symbolizes our familiar three-dimensional environment. The four blocks, containing two precisely-machined conical chambers, represent an individual’s infinite timeline when ‘pre-life’, ‘past’, ‘future’, and ‘afterlife’ intersect this world. The luminous powder is a human life in transition, flowing between the chambers, existing here or ‘crossing over to the other side’, as time passes at the cube’s absolute centre, indicating a brief present focused between past and future. ‘To the Other Side’ encapsulates the trajectory of the life experience, paradoxically in joyful flux while simultaneously frozen inside a stark reality. (media: cast acrylic, stainless steel, strontium aluminate, glass bead)

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