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Graphic Design Service

Here are some past examples of Logo Identities (click to enlarge)...





Identity for a not-for-profit Art & Design Centre and Artist Community in Faversham, Kent.

Billycan Logo & Identity (designed in-house):

Billycan logo with variations, which originally evolved from sg's initials (shaped into a Billycan 'B') then developed as a graphic for the lid of an actual billycan as can be seen in the 3D view...

This bitmap is a perspective view from a 3D CAD drawing of an actual billycan.

Journal / Magazine covers & Leaflets / Flyers

Below is the redesign of the EGWS graphic identity:

Ernest George White Society, School of Sinus Tone - Logo based on four rotated outlines of the human sinus areas as seen in a front view. The EGWS Journal front cover features pictogram squares illustrating the forms different sounds make in loose sand on a metal plate. The aim was to communicate the complexities of human vocal production, in sympathy with the core philosophy explored by Ernest George White, and the Society bearing his name. Top two images below: Journal Cover, Bottom two: promotional leaflet.


Back Cover --------- Front Cover

Outside --------- Inside

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