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Slumbernumbers kingsize collapsible 'Kingbed'

The collapsible 'Kingbed' is a patented (GB2397760, 25/01/05) folding bed design. A non-folding version is also available (see lower right drawing). Both versions are in CNC-routed birch-faced plywood. The folding design is for easy storage & transport (as flat-pack) and will fit into most average-sized cars. High quality polished stainless steel piano hinges are used, and the decorative, light-reflecting studs built into the head & tail boards are optional. Both bed designs comfortably support a kingsize mattress size (250mm deep, 1530 wide, and 2000mm long is recommended). Easily assembled flatpack kits - with only eleven Hex-key bolts!

(Registered Design: 3016612 16/03/04)

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